Spam isn't just in email anymore, but for right now we're going to focus on email spam, specifically spam messages sent to your Penn State account.

Spam is unsolicited bulk email, and the vast majority of all email messages sent today are spam.  Some estimates place the percentage of total email sent that is actually spam somewhere between 80 and 95%.  Taking those estimates into consideration, the amount of spam showing up in your mailbox may not seem so bad.  However, it's still a nuisance that most people really don't want to see.  And yes, the term "spam" was most likely derived from this 1970 sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Reducing spam in your Penn State email account's in-box

Messages received through Penn State's mail server are filtered, scored, and flagged based upon how likely it is that they are spam.  For a full description of how this filtering is done, please see ASET's overview of their spam filtering process.  If you use Penn State's Webmail to check your email, messages flagged as spam by this filter are automatically placed in the "junk" folder.  If you're using an email client to check your messages, you'll need to set up a filter in that program to move messages flagged as spam out of your normal in-box.

Please check back with us soon for more information on spam and ways of combating it...

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